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Welcome to Integrated Leadership.
A playground for passionate individuals, ready to be the resolution they seek.

Why Integrated Leadership?

As Einstein wisely said,

"No problem can be solved from the same

level of consciousness that created it."

Solar System

"Integration is the linkage of differentiated parts into a functional whole."

- Dr. Dan Siegel

At Integrated Leadership, the focus is on wholeness, bringing back the "being" in the human while expanding our capacity to respond rather than react. 


As a partner and coach, I work with your context rather than your content. That means we work beneath the story level to create sustainable transformational change and integration. Think about context as the ecosystem that produces the content.  


Partnering with individuals, teams, and organizations, supporting them to infuse greater harmony, creativity, and collaboration while increasing capacity and well-being through Conscious Leadership framework and Neuroscience principles.

For more info, watch these short videos Context vs. Content and Locating Yourself - Responding vs Reacting.

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Isabelle founded Integrated Leadership, a playground for individuals, leaders and organizations to refuel and deepen their leadership and well-being as they thrive with more outstanding results. Isabelle's relational ability as a partner enables her to serve her clients' custom needs as she supports them in living and leading with greater depth, resilience, and agility.

Leveraging her experience in sales, leadership development, and well-being, Isabelle supports her clients to optimize their humanistic leadership and effectiveness to benefit themselves and their organizations.


As a passionate leader and a loving mom on a lifelong quest to elevate the well-being of the world, she leads with deep curiosity and an open heart while shaking up the status quo for the sake of growth.

Isabelle is a Certified Professional Coach and graduate of the Co-Active Immersive Leadership Program through the Co-Active Training Institute, recognized by the International Coaching Federation. In addition, she holds certifications as a NeuroTransformational Coach with BeAbove Leadership, an integrated Health Coach through the Institute for Integrated Nutrition and trained as a Mental Fitness Coach through The Positive Intelligence Program. Recently, she has been certified as 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership Coach through the Conscious Leadership Group and is currently working towards obtaining certification with Integrative 9 Enneagram Solutions.

Meet Isabelle


Whether you're an individual, a team, or an organization, the experiential programs offered intertwine the art and science of coaching to evoke true transformation by bridging Consciousness with Neuroscience. 

Personal and Professional Coaching


Customized Coaching

For individuals who are seeking to elevate their impacts and deepen their well-being. Each one-on-one engagement is custom-designed to provide a safe environment for profound inner transformation in your personal or professional life, leaving you with tools and resources that will continue to serve beyond our partnership. 

Team & Group Coaching and Workshops

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Collaborative Coaching

Through our partnership, a custom experience is designed to support your team to elevate their effectiveness and collaboration, leaving the team equipped with the necessary tools and support to infuse greater harmony, creativity, and collaboration into their work. 

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